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Attention Health Editors:


(TM) For Back Pain Gives New Hope

    TORONTO, Dec. 8 /CNW/ - There is new hope for people with chronic low
back pain, disk herniation, disk degeneration and spinal stenosis, and nerve
root paresis using BOTOX™(TM) and Myoboc(TM). It is a multi-staged treatment
injection and rehabilitation system with patents pending worldwide. Dr. Blair
Lamb, MD C.C.F.P. O.P.P.A. of Oakville, Ontario, Canada has developed this
programme to treat and reverse a number of chronic pain syndromes now
associated with the neck and back.
    "This new treatment method is built on my understanding of anatomy and
pain through my practice in pain medicine and personal experience over the
past ten years. I have looked for a solution for the many patients I would see
who could not find relief using conventional treatments. This involves a very
difficult and specialized set of skills for the physician to use in
conjunction with the BOTOX™ or Myoboc. We believe that it is a very important
piece of the puzzle for people with many chronic pain conditions where other
therapies have failed. It is also significant that the results can be seen
short-term," said Dr. Lamb.
    Dr. G. Blair Lamb has worked in the field of chronic pain specializing in
myofascial pain and neuropathy for ten years. He has developed a
rehabilitation system for many chronic pain conditions as part of the Lamb
Program(TM). Dr. Lamb has created a variety of high-tech invasive but non-
surgical techniques.
    Dr. Lamb added, "There are many causes of chronic pain. Some are from
specific events including injuries from car accidents and falls. Others are
rooted in the aging process. This treatment program is designed to improve the
pain syndrome by using a staged approach. Depending on the unique factors in
any individual, we use a number of combination therapies. In the most severe
cases, we use the full system including the BOTOX™(TM) or Myoboc(TM)."
    Low back and other chronic pains remain the single largest reasons for
visits to the doctor's office. This new patents-pending technology has been
used to successfully reverse disk herniation, disk degeneration and spinal
stenosis, and nerve root paresis. These three conditions stand out as very
difficult to manage or improve by spinal surgery.
    "Ultimately, this is about giving people a renewed quality of life.
Chronic pain not only robs people of mobility but also affects sleep patterns,
mood cycles and eventually relationships. Giving people back the freedom to
get back to work, enjoy recreation and even just a good night's sleep is a
very rewarding part of this part of medicine. As a physician, it makes my
practice of medicine very satisfying."
    This new treatment methodology is has been patented in the United States 
and is patents-pending worldwide and is licensed through a private corporation 
in Ontario, Canada. Due to the complexity of this procedure, it should not be 
practiced by physicians not trained in its application.
    Immediate applications of this larger treatment program are especially
for those:

    -  In rehabilitation programs from car accidents, sports or other
    -  With chronic back pain due to workplace injuries or repetitive strain
    -  Where other treatments offer little hope of success.

    Individuals are assessed and a treatment course is designed for the
patient. The Lamb Program is accessed privately or through insurance or
corporate benefit programs.
	The patent was co-authored with Grant D. Fairley of McK Consulting Inc.Patent counsel 
was provided by Ursula M. McGuinness, PhD of Gowling, LaFleur Henderson LLP of Hamilton, Ontario.
Dr. Lamb has also produced several new lines of medically based
stretching videos and DVDs. Some series are designed for whole body, others
for specific health conditions, for fitness, weight loss and sports. More will
be announced on these new products in the coming weeks.
Dr. Lamb's treatment is patented in the United States, Canada, Australia and Great Britain. 
For more detailed discussion of Dr. Lamb's method and credentials, please visit www.spinalsolutions.ca
The patent is owned by a private Ontario corporation. US Patent # 6,806,251, CA Patent # 2369810, 
Great Britain Patent # 2402879 and Australia Patent #2003202374 
For more information on training or licensing this patent, please contact Grant D. Fairley at 
McK Consulting Inc. (416) 848-0326 fairley@mckconsultinginc.com
    New patients are being accepted through Spinal Solutions and The Lamb

For further information: 
Spinal Solutions
5230 South Service Road
Burlington, ON
Canada L7L 6W6


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Listen to The Pain Reliever on internet talk radio


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