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Fibromyalgia Cure

The most frequent question that we are asked at "ASK DRLAMB.COM" is probably one of the most common and important questions I am asked every day in my office. We have received a tremendous number of requests for information on fibromyalgia and the treatment of fibromyalgia.

The Solution: Yes It is Possible To Reverse Fibromyalgia

This topic is  huge and requires the explanation of pain in virtually every body part and side effects thereof- such as fatigue and brain fog. 

For a more complete answer, please see the article "Is There a Cure for Fibromyalgia." 

There is no one definite solution for fibromyalgia for all people. However, most fibromyalgics will respond gradually to a combination of physical therapy and medication. 

So yes, it is possible for most patients suffering from fibromyalgia to reverse this condition.

Some people can not be totally cured but may be helped by a combination of therapy and analgesics. Most sufferers can be reversed with a consistent but modifiable therapy consisting of stretching, physiotherapy, chiropractic, advanced needle therapy (IMS), supplemental medications, anti-inflammatories, pain killers, sleep enhancement therapy and stress reduction techniques. 

All of my patients that have been cured of fibromyalgia had one common thread- they all actively took part in their own recovery. I insist upon this because recovery is very difficult without the patientís deep participation and understanding. 

You must find a physician who can guide you through the therapies and "can roll with the punches", as there is usually a wild ride up and down the road to recovery- but recovery is possible for most!

Also remember that some patients have a combination of myofascial pain with other conditions such as rheumatoid disease, cancer, radiation injury, depression, or even drug side effects. These conditions can greatly aggravate recovery and may make it impossible to fully recover unless they too are addressed. 

I also recommend a highly concentrated professional grade Omega 3 liquid that has made a huge difference in some of my patients with fibromyalgia.  Check out the product I recommend on the Omega 3 page.  It is also a helpful supplement for inflammation, mobility, brain and heart function.

Link To In-Depth Article On Fibromyalgia

Finally, please remember that I and any other physician or therapist are simply people trying to make a difference in a personís life that is truly suffering.

As I always say- keep your muscles "LONG and STRONG."

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